Change Your Body

weightsWhat is keeping you from having the body you want? You may be funneling through a list of different excuses in your head right now but at the end of the day it comes down to a lack of discipline and consistency.


Think about it. It is 2018 and scientists and dieticians alike have the exact answers on how to lose weight and build muscle. It’s common knowledge. Eat healthy, exercise, and drink water.

So why do we live in a country with one of the highest rates of obesity?


Maybe you don’t know what exercise you should do to build a certain muscle or what foods you should be eating and how much of it you should be eating. This is what we are here for.


The importance of having a body you’re proud to show off at the beach is invaluable. It increases your self-confidence which will open up countless opportunities for you beyond just being able to talk to that hot girl. Your body will be healthy, and your thinking will be clear.


If you set out to change the way you look, and you actually accomplish it after weeks of grueling dedication it will show you that with consistent action you will be able to accomplish anything.


We are going to give you instructions on what to eat, what exercises and lifts to do, and how often to do it. All that you will need to bring to the table is consistent action and insane self-discipline.


Let’s get started.