Why Being Financially Literate Is Important

money.jpgI describe financial literacy as having the knowledge to plan and manage your own finances in a responsible and profitable manner. Schools today do not teach the things that society needs to learn the most which is how to deal with money. Things like investing, taxes, debt, and credit are crucial to how we live our life yet many of us were not taught the first thing about any of those topics.


Just scraping by and living paycheck to paycheck is the mindset that a majority of our population employs in their day to day life. This creates a continuous cycle of stress and empty pockets.


We are consistently told “money can’t buy happiness”. Well guess what, everyone who says that is DEAD wrong and just use that phrase to make themselves feel better about their current financial desperation.


Being able to pay for your child’s college, see the world, and live a life with zero worry about how you are going to pay your bills is a life that everyone should strive to attain.


So often it is viewed as “greedy” to be financially conscious and focus on ways to improve your income. If that’s the case, then be greedy. Do what others won’t now so you can do what others can’t later.


Your first step begins with investing in yourself and your financial knowledge. Through your quest of knowledge and financial literacy you will be able to transform your life as you know it. Money will no longer be that topic that is shushed and refused to be discussed while you silently suffer from crippling debt.


Having the ability to climb out of debt, increase your income, diversify your streams of income, and invest are easily attainable for the everyday common man and are not just reserved for the suited elites of wall street.


Why do you think that you cannot be a millionaire? Because society has told you that it is out of your reach? It’s time to change your circumstances and stop accepting this paycheck to paycheck mentality.

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